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Blossom. New Love. Z Gallerie.

She met him in college, right before COMM 301, in-between classes at the campus coffee house. He opened the door for her when she rushed in to make sure she can make the beginning of the next classes lecture. She glanced up and knew he was hers. He was tall, striking and handsome. And something about him made her catch her breath thinking and wondering what he will be like and if she should talk to him first. He said hello in line and that’s where it all began. She immediately was drawn to him in a way she hadn’t ever felt before. It was as if they were connected lifetimes before and here in this coffee house they finally crossed paths.

He asked to sit with her. She was quite fine with this even though needing to rush to class, time stood still while they smiled in the first awkward moments of finding out about each other. She shared how she is studying to become a speech therapist to work with children and eventually write children’s books. He explained how he just transferred last year and was finishing undergraduate school studying business. They had a lot in common, they love the outdoors, quiet moments and long walks. They enjoy the lake and fishing, grabbing a great novel and going to art museums. They have a passion for family life and a love for adventure.

He asked her on a date. He had to see her again. He took her on a picnic in the beautiful part of Southern California hills, under an oak tree. With dessert to follow at home because he knew it was her birthday.

It was magical and a match meant to be.

Jorden and Jonathan, blossoming, new love.


Accessories – Z Gallerie
Location – Star Ranch
Stylists – Bridget Smith, Annette Hoegner
Photography Concept – Bridget Smith
Clothing Expert – Savvy Girl by Vanessa Jordan
Models – Jorden Bowe-McLeod, Jonathan Goldman
Catering/Bread – Maisano’s Bakery
Special Thanks – Carolyn Bowe-McLeod

Cary + Stephanie {Laguna Beach Wedding, Nellie Gail Reception} – part 2

The second half of Cary + Stephanie’s photos are the best! They rented a party bus and originally wanted to rent the Woody but ended up with this cute Trolley. They couldn’t have ended up with a sweeter deal on being able to fit most of their family and wedding party to cruise on PCH to get to the reception. Well, the best part is when you hire an adventurous photographer with a daring 2nd shooter (aka – “A Boring Photo
or Amy Boring a photographer extrodionare) and have them barreling down PCH next to and behind the party bus to capture the couple and their friends. Enjoy these images. No by standers or tourists were harmed in the shooting of these photos.
After a hilarious entrance by the entire wedding party, the couple went immediately into their first dance. The photos captured tell the complete story of the love these two have for each other. I love the raw emotion of this set.stephanie&cary23stephanie&cary24stephanie&cary25stephanie&cary26stephanie&cary27>stephanie&cary28stephanie&cary29The entire reception and party was just as fun as the bride and groom. Everyone surrounding them was full of love and lots of fun and I don’t know if another reception can top it.stephanie&cary30stephanie&cary31stephanie&cary32stephanie&cary33stephanie&cary34stephanie&cary35stephanie&cary36
Bridget’s recipe for a fabulous wedding:
1. Get a trolley for transportation (or something fun because it just makes it that much more fun for everyone to do something different)
2. Trust in your wedding photographer to go to extreme lengths to “get the shot” or at least that they are willing to take their second shooter to make a risky move by sticking their head out the sunroof to get the shot.
3. Have a great wedding party that is willing to dress up in “Dumb and Dumber” costumes.
4. Lime green napkins are key.
5. Hire Bridget, because she’s reliable and not to mention a great photographer. 😉
6. Photo booth adds extra fun.
7. Sparklers at the end. Extra fun!

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October 25, 2010 - 7:34 am

erin - as always B, you are amazing. i wish you could just “B” our photographer on call! :o) xoxo E

Cary + Stephanie {Laguna Beach Wedding, Nellie Gail Reception} – part 1!

Stephanie was the very first babysitter we ever had for our twin boys. And we have know her for 7 years. She’s been like family, a little sister, even so much that she has been to the lake with us and helped us with the boys when they were little. On that trip to Minnesota, her and I dreamed and talked about her wedding day. And how someday, I would photograph it for her. Well the day came and it was perfect, just like she described it would be way back when. And she met a great guy sometime inbetween all that and his name is Cary and he adores her, as she does him.

I have taken a blogging break since late May. Family life has taken a big front seat and I have missed blogging, lurking and commenting on other great blogs too. But for now…, I am back and it’s to share these images from a wedding that I am so attached to. I still get teary eyed looking through the images showing the raw emotion of the day. Cary and Stephanie, it was a pleasure being your wedding photographer and being able to go through this process with you. If you have the same kind of joy you had throughout your wedding day, for the rest of your lives you will be truly blessed! (and I have no doubt that will happen for you!).


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October 18, 2010 - 8:11 pm

dina - these are great Bridget 🙂 xo

Natalie. A floral creator. A catcher of dreams. {Natalie Galasso Designs}

Natalie. My little sister. Now all grown up. Running her Central California flower business, Natalie Galasso Designs and creating beautiful memories for brides, families and lovers alike. And what a sweet flower business it is. While recently spending time with her and my niece and nephew in Merced, California, I got to really get to know Natalie and how she runs her business. She does it with ease and grace and while wiping out delicious dinners to wrap up our days. All the while she’s creating.

The flowers that exit her front studio to the hands of brides and the giftees are all unique and created from her creative vision. It’s a raw talent to have a flower talent, one that takes time and patience. Alone, it takes talent just to know all those flower names and the best way to pair them together! It takes pure talent to know what is in season and what is not so that brides and grooms are informed to their fullest for their color scheme and wedding budget.

Watching her create was the most relaxed I have been in years. Maybe it was the faint smell of lavender or the mint. Perhaps it was the stunning bright pink peonies that were clustered together, delicately in the bridal bouquet set to be delivered to the Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite early Saturday morning. But it’s definitely the calm of watching her piece each flower together with the grace she has of managing her household. I can say that her singing while working was the ultimate because singing Ella Fitzgerald and creating is the only way to pour love into each design!

Here is a recent wedding I photographed her floral designs at the Evergreen Lodge. If you are interested in a wedding in Yosemite, check out the Evergreen Lodge and contact Jessica for more information. Cake by Alicia Alicia’s Sugar Shack.

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July 18, 2010 - 8:56 am

Annette Hoegner - LOVE this one Bridget!!! You and Natalie are very talented! 🙂

Warren Hill with Corona Symphony Pops and Jessy J at the Fox Theater {Inland Empire Photographer}

I love being able to photograph perfomances and partnering my skills with the Corona Symphony Pops, let’s me be able to have fun while working. Especially this concert at the Fox Theater in Riverside….Warren Hill and his band were amazing and to be there back stage watching them perform was just awesome! Jessy J (USC band alum extrodonaire and beautiful I might add) opened for Warren. Her sexy tunes had a mix of Latin flair and jazz swing. She’s entertaining and sexy like heck. I can see why she’s got that perfect commercial look mixed with her raw talent to draw crowds! It was a pleasure shooting her and Warren for sure!
jessyjjessyj 1jessyj 2jessyj 3
Warren and Walt Straiton of the Corona Symphony Orchestra combined efforts for a blend of Warren’s incredible jazz mixes with the Pops Orchestra backing him. The combination was stellar and I can’t wait to see what the two of them do the next time around! It should be on your list of things to buy tickets for! Warren and his band members (huge shout out to my boys!!!) were a class act and yes, next performance, I am out there on stage shooting you guys way up close!
warrenhill030warrenhillwarrenhill038warrenhill091warrenhill077warrenhill085warrenhill130warrenhill dwarrenhill133warrenhill148warrenhill cwarrenhill168warrenhill196warrenhill141

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May 11, 2010 - 8:25 am

Richard - great photo’s of jessy j,warren hill,olivia hill