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Blossom. New Love. Z Gallerie.

She met him in college, right before COMM 301, in-between classes at the campus coffee house. He opened the door for her when she rushed in to make sure she can make the beginning of the next classes lecture. She glanced up and knew he was hers. He was tall, striking and handsome. And something about him made her catch her breath thinking and wondering what he will be like and if she should talk to him first. He said hello in line and that’s where it all began. She immediately was drawn to him in a way she hadn’t ever felt before. It was as if they were connected lifetimes before and here in this coffee house they finally crossed paths.

He asked to sit with her. She was quite fine with this even though needing to rush to class, time stood still while they smiled in the first awkward moments of finding out about each other. She shared how she is studying to become a speech therapist to work with children and eventually write children’s books. He explained how he just transferred last year and was finishing undergraduate school studying business. They had a lot in common, they love the outdoors, quiet moments and long walks. They enjoy the lake and fishing, grabbing a great novel and going to art museums. They have a passion for family life and a love for adventure.

He asked her on a date. He had to see her again. He took her on a picnic in the beautiful part of Southern California hills, under an oak tree. With dessert to follow at home because he knew it was her birthday.

It was magical and a match meant to be.

Jorden and Jonathan, blossoming, new love.


Accessories – Z Gallerie
Location – Star Ranch
Stylists – Bridget Smith, Annette Hoegner
Photography Concept – Bridget Smith
Clothing Expert – Savvy Girl by Vanessa Jordan
Models – Jorden Bowe-McLeod, Jonathan Goldman
Catering/Bread – Maisano’s Bakery
Special Thanks – Carolyn Bowe-McLeod