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Cary + Stephanie {Laguna Beach Wedding, Nellie Gail Reception} – part 1!

Stephanie was the very first babysitter we ever had for our twin boys. And we have know her for 7 years. She’s been like family, a little sister, even so much that she has been to the lake with us and helped us with the boys when they were little. On that trip to Minnesota, her and I dreamed and talked about her wedding day. And how someday, I would photograph it for her. Well the day came and it was perfect, just like she described it would be way back when. And she met a great guy sometime inbetween all that and his name is Cary and he adores her, as she does him.

I have taken a blogging break since late May. Family life has taken a big front seat and I have missed blogging, lurking and commenting on other great blogs too. But for now…, I am back and it’s to share these images from a wedding that I am so attached to. I still get teary eyed looking through the images showing the raw emotion of the day. Cary and Stephanie, it was a pleasure being your wedding photographer and being able to go through this process with you. If you have the same kind of joy you had throughout your wedding day, for the rest of your lives you will be truly blessed! (and I have no doubt that will happen for you!).


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October 18, 2010 - 8:11 pm

dina - these are great Bridget 🙂 xo